Thai Massage 

"Sarah Voordouw is a true holistic healer, combining natural intuition, with advanced skills in mind, body, spirit connections. From the start of the Thai Yoga Massage there is a sense of comfort and ease. As she moves through each stretch, combined with deep breathing, awareness deepens. All pain in the physical, mental and emotional bodies seems to drift away... past and future dissolve and you are fully in the present moment. Reiki energy also flows in warm, pulsating waves ; the rhythm of life force energy and its amazing healing abilities. Deep inner peace and feelings of gratitude emanate opening doors to deeper dimensions where true healing begins." - Lori Ens ( Holistic Practitioner )

​​"Amazing, phenomenal, spiritual and healing! After only one session with Sarah I've felt profound results, including but not restricted to a better outlook, better flexibility, increased energy and vitality, easier breathing and a renewed hope that I can mend, things will get better and that finally have a health care professional that knows what I need. Sarah is addressing areas my 4 Western doctors have not. Thank you Sarah!" - David Fox ( client )

"Yesterday's experience was like no other. I left feeling so pure, free of anything that was on my mind and relaxed. I felt so grounded and strong! I feel like your positive energy stuck with me. Just wanted to say thank you so much!" -Marika ( client ) 

Happy Lotus